Did you just recently get your ACT scores back and are wondering if they are any good and if you should retake the test? In this blog, we take a look at some criteria to help you figure out if you should retake the ACT or not.

Factor 1 – Have you studied?

For maximum increase on your ACT score, we recommend you increase your prep to 6-10 weeks for 4-8 hours per week. If you feel like you legitimately have a shot at doing better on the test and can dedicate and discipline yourself to do the work, retake the test. One thing you can do on the ACT, that you can’t do on the SAT, is deleting your score. To learn how to delete your score, check out this blog. Usually the ACT is an easy choice to retake, so look into the resources we have available at SupertutorTV including our very own ACT prep course.

Factor 2 – Number of attempts

The more you take this test, the more exhausted students get and deter themselves from focusing on other important areas of a college application. We recommend you take it no more than 3 times. At a certain point, other things mean more that test scores so don’t drive yourself crazy retaking the test. Other important areas of a colleges include your essays, activities, and the wow factor that distinguishes an applicant. Look to score in to the 25-75th percentile range to put you in better position to be considered.Fact

Factor 3 –  Time

Make sure you look up the policies and deadlines of the schools you are applying to.  For seniors, anything after the December test date usually isn’t taken under consideration.

Factor 4 – Did you get unlucky? 

The ACT is a really time dependent test where students more frequently bomb certain sections and run out of time more often than on the SAT. If you feel like you definitely need a second go on a certain section that got to you, retake the test to improve your superscore.

Factor 5 – Be aware of what you need

Make a list of colleges you want to go to and start looking up statistics to see what scores you need to get in and for any scholarships you can earn. Students with high ACT scores can earn scholarships and be placed in honors programs at their colleges. These scholarships are more prominent in state schools so be aware of what score you need to get to qualify.

Make sure to subscribe to us on Youtube and watch our videos on the ACT, such as “Whats a Good ACT Score“. Our “What’s a Good PSAT Score” blog comes with a helpful concordance table to give you an idea what your PSAT score translates to for the SAT and ACT.