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  • Learn the secrets that have helped Brooke’s students earn up to a 1600!
  • Resources to help you understand your mistakes, analyze your performance on practice tests, and formulate a personalized action plan.
  • Our users have scored up to the 99th percentile on the test!

Practice that Models Test Day

  • The only online self paced course that lets you print 1000+ practice questions and drill on paper, the same way you’ll take the test.
  • Includes a free copy of the Official SAT® Study Guide*, so you can track your progress on real tests.


  • Maximizes engagement with videos that include both a face and handwritten work.
  • Our 15 million+ views on YouTube are proof that people love our content!
  • Created by a professional TV and documentary producer.

Your Personal SAT® Coach!

Many courses are designed by high scorers, but our course was designed by a great tutor.

  • Perfect SAT® Tutor! Brooke has coached a student to a perfect score on the current version of the SAT®.
  • As you would with a private tutor, you’ll do tests and practice on paper, review just the questions you missed, and target of additional lessons and worksheets to follow up on your personal weaknesses.

Learn from an expert!

  • Brooke has scored perfectly on the SAT® as an adult.
  • Stanford BA with Honors, USC MFA in Cinematic Arts
  • 15+ Years One-on-One Tutoring Experience
SAT® Courses

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How we're Different

It's not just another "online course" – it's the closest you can get to elite private tutoring at a fraction of the price.

We didn’t set out just to make an “online” course. We set out to bring the awesome advantages of private tutoring to more students: the best instruction, awesome materials, and patterns of learning that work.

What’s Included

  • 50+ hours video instruction
  • Digital access to 40+ original, printable SAT® style math problem sets, sorted by type.
  • Math content review videos for each question type.
  • Grammar and Content Lessons for all question types in the Writing & Language section.
  • Downloadable course notes for select videos.
  • In Depth Reading Section Strategy Videos.
  • Analysis and Insights on 8+ practice exams.
  • Guaranteed access through the next available national exam date in your region, even if it is after your course is set to expire.
SAT® Courses
  • Pacing Guides, adjustable according to how much time you have to study (1–6 months or more).
  • Calculator Programs for the TI-84.
  • Math formula “cheat sheet”.
  • A Copy of the Official SAT® Prep Guide*

* Ships to USA only; all exams in Prep Guide are also available for free download from the College Board. International students may download Official SAT® Practice exams directly from the College Board. The makers of the SAT® (the College Board) do not endorse and are not affiliated with this course.

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SAT® Courses
SAT® Courses
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SAT® Courses
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Test Drive our Course for 5 Days, Risk Free!*

* Some course assets are unavailable until subscription is paid, including most downloads. The book included with the course ships after the trial period ends.
SAT® Courses