The Best SAT® Prep Course Ever

Hi, I’m Brooke Hanson, a Stanford educated private tutor. I’ve coached students to 99th+% scores on the NEW SAT® and as an adult have scored perfectly on official administrations of the SAT® and ACT®. In this course, I share with you the same secrets that helped me and my students ace these tests.

This course is not just an online course: it’s all the goodness of elite private tutoring at a fraction of the cost!

Over 50 hours of video content for far less than the cost of a class, most online SAT® prep courses, and private tutoring: That’s Learning Made Awesome!

6 month or 12 month access plan
Strategy videos for all sections
50+ hours of video
Detailed Video Breakdown of the Reading Section
Content videos for all Writing & Language Question types
Content videos for all math content sections*
Dozens of Drills for Math and Writing & Language Content
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How does this course work?

The Best SAT® Prep Course Ever is designed so you can go at your own pace. All of the content in the course, which consists of videos as well as practice exercises for the multiple choice sections, is available to you and you can choose your own areas to work on to improve your SAT® score. No milestones to reach, achievements to unlock, and no sitting through the boring stuff you already know how to do. Get started today working on those trouble areas so you can ace this test and get one step closer to that elusive perfect score!

How much will my score increase?

We’ve had students report 99th percentile scores with our course. With so many hours of video, hundreds of practice drill questions unique to our course, and insight on patterns that private tutors leverage with their students in prep, it’s up to you to get the score you want!

What’s included with the course?

Our course, like private tutoring, prompts students to take practice tests and then to use the results from those exams to diagnose your weaknesses. Then, students address those areas with specific teaching videos on our course, including content and strategy advice to fill in the gaps on every section after identifying those trouble spots. 

You’ll get:

50+ hours of video content

In-depth Strategy videos for the Evidence Based Reading section

Content & Strategy videos covering Writing & Language Question types.

Content & Strategy videos covering all Math topics, from Heart of Algebra to Additional Topics in Math

Hundreds of Practice Questions unique to this course

Plus, we are in the process of updating our course to make it even more awesome! We’re rolling out new course updates over time, including more detailed math content videos, additional practice problems and sets, and new insider tips! 

*Note: The SAT® is a trademark of The College Board which does not endorse and is not affiliated with this product. 

Content and Tips? Go on…

The course includes tips on timing, avoiding careless errors, and other general tips specific to getting through and mastering each section. We know hacking this test isn’t just “being a good student” and learning what you’re supposed to learn. It’s optimizing your pacing, overcoming careless error traps, and learning how to exploit every advantage you can muster.

We also include worksheets and problem sets for the Writing and Language and Math sections, which are based on the forthcoming SupertutorTV books, The Best SAT® Math Book Ever and The Best SAT® Writing & Language Book Ever. Plus, unlike other online courses, you can download these and print them, so you’re practicing on paper, not from a screen. For the reading section, you’ll also get access to several practice passages that Brooke will map out for you question by question. Our reading videos are more in depth than anything you’ll ever find at Khan Academy. Brooke will show you how to “see” the right answer more quickly, unveiling techniques for approaching individual question types, trends in answer choices that make them less or more likely to be right, typical “wrong answers,” and “flags” in answer choices that require more in depth analysis.

Is this course all I need to prep for the SAT®?

For most students, yes.

The course is meant to be comprehensive: we’ve waited to release it until it included advice on how to master everything that is critical for the exam.  Some of that is in the form of drills (in particular for Writing & Language and Math sections– the content heavy portions of the exam) that help you hone your skills and outside information you’ll need to know and some is in the form of video (for all sections).  Over time we hope to adapt the course and continue to improve it based on user feedback.  Our goal is to bring the awesomeness of private tutoring — the insider insights, the efficiency of customization, the clarity of teaching, and accuracy of practice– to all of you. That being said, we also understand reality: some people will need more practice on some areas than others. For that reason we’ve designed our course using the same topic labels that the College Board and Khan Academy use for their free online practice drills*, so if you do need to run a few more practice drills than our course allows, you’ll know exactly what to work on there. As a tutor, I encourage both my students and those taking the course to go the distance when they need to. Still, the tips, content knowledge, and strategies you’ll need to master those practice problems you can find in our course. If you subscribe and have a suggestion or question, don’t hesitate to reach out! We are a small company and love feedback. We want to make this the best experience we can for you.

Do I need to buy any books?

No! With access to the 8 Official College Board tests (the same tests that comprise the Official SAT® Study Guide), you’ll have the only other resource you need beyond this course to help you target your weaknesses and track your progress! ALL these tests are available for free from Khan Academy and the College Board’s website as pdf files. (*Please note, SAT® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this product). 

For US Buyers: We will ship you one FREE copy of The Official 2019-2020 SAT® Study Guide, which includes the 8 full practice tests we link to above, to make practice testing even easier. Please note we are experiencing significant shipping delays on books, so we recommend you get started with the downloadable tests until shipping delays are resolved. But for now, you have everything you need to complete our course and track your scoring progress over time. 

For International Buyers: We recommend you obtain the Official SAT® Study Guide on your own so you can track your progress and use our resources to identify what strategy videos to watch based on questions you’ve missed. Please note the book’s exams are at this time identical to those available for free from Khan Academy and the College Board’s website as pdf files

How fast do you ship the The Official SAT® Study Guide? 

Due to delays per the COVID-19 situation, SAT books for subscribers may take approximately month to arrive. If you ordered before March 19,2020: we ship free via USPS Media Mail (approximately 7-14 business days or 1-3 weeks). USPS Priority Shipping (3-4 business days) is also available for an additional fee upon checkout. Please note the free trial does not include a book: we do not ship books during any free trial periods and we place a 24-48 hour shipping hold on orders that begin with our limited free trial. Should you wish for us to ship your book faster after you “unlock” your course and remove the trial, just email us and we’ll expedite your shipment. We are not responsible for wrong addresses, misdirected mail, or US Postal Service delays beyond our control. We do not ship on weekends.

What if I already own The Official SAT® Study Guide? 

Great! You can get started even faster, and donate your free book to a friend who could use more practice. (Please note, we do not give discounts to students who do not want the book).

The College Board cancelled/rescheduled my exam date! I only subscribed through the originally scheduled test. Can you help?

Yes. If The College Board cancelled, postponed or rescheduled your exam date for reasons beyond your control, and your current subscription will lapse before your new exam date, but after your original exam date, please contact us so we can help ( Please note this policy does not apply to students who electively postpone their exam. Also, given the current cancellations of the April ACT and May SAT, and possible future cancellations, we guarantee to extend your course for free as necessary so that at least two national test dates for your chosen exam are available during your subscription period.

If I do the free trial for five days, do those five days count toward my 6 month subscription?

No. Your six months begins the day your card is charged and you have full access to the course. If you do nothing, that will be 5 days after your initial request for a 5-day trial period. If you request to unlock the full course before your 5 day trial is at its end, the day your unlock is processed will begin the 6 month period. Please note, even if you do not log into the course on the first day you have full unlocked access, your subscription period still begins on that day.

Is this a scheduled class? Do I have a private tutor online with this course?

No, this is not a scheduled class. You can access the videos whenever you want and do them in any order you see fit. The course provides access to a catalog of videos organized by section. This is NOT Skype tutoring, an online “live” classroom, or one-on-one instruction over the internet with a live tutor. That means you can study any time of day and at your own pace.

However, if you’re looking for more structure, we do have several pacing guides to help you navigate the course according to the amount of time (1-6 months or more) you have to prepare.

We offer add on packages of private tutoring with staff tutors (not Brooke, but 98th-99th percentile scorers) for $800 for 10 hours or $90/hour. We also offer coaching packages for $199/month which include four once a week 30 minute check-ins/Q&A sessions with a coach (coaches have 99th percentile scores in at least one section of the SAT® or ACT®). Brooke is also available for tutoring at a higher rate. If you’re interested in pairing a tutoring or coaching package with the course, email us at info at Please note these packages are charged in addition to your course subscription fee.

Are the videos available offline?

Videos cannot be downloaded from this course, so offline functionality does not exist at this time.

Am I charged monthly? Do I have to cancel to prevent this from renewing?

Nope. When you buy The Best SAT® Prep Course Ever, you are signing up for a 6-month or 12-month subscription that you are charged for only once. The subscription does not auto-renew, so you don’t need to cancel or worry about a random extra charge after your subscription period is up. If you would like to extend your subscription (subject to availability), you can email us (just hit reply to the email we send you after you purchase) and we’ll arrange to extend your subscription. We currently offer three and six month subscription extensions.

Please note, if you take advantage of our 5-day limited trial access, you WILL be automatically charged the full cost of the course unless you cancel before the end of your five day period.  You can cancel the course before your trial ends by emailing us at

(*email cancellations may take up to 24 hours to process. Last minute email cancellation requests may result in a charge to your card and then a refund of those funds.).

I’m on the trial how do I unlock the full course?

Email us at

Do you offer bulk subscriptions?

YES! We offer multi-user licenses to schools, test prep centers, and private tutors, by request and at a discount from the retail price of the course. Our system is perfect for a flipped classroom, group study, or self-guided after hours prep. Please email us with your details, budget, and number of students, and a sales representative will be in contact with you. We look forward to spreading awesome test prep knowledge with as many students as we can!

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a 5-day limited access trial period on our course. Please note if you would like to upgrade to the full course before your trial is over, you can elect to do so at anytime by emailing us at If you have only a couple weeks to study and plan to buy the full course, we recommend you take into consideration that upgrading from the trial will put a delay on your book shipment of 24-48 hours (US only).

With this trial, you can obtain sample content (mostly tip videos, a few YouTube videos we’ve also offered from inside the course for convenience, and a few worksheet downloads). You can also see how our course functions and its layout. Please note the majority of our content is not accessible with this trial; however, it’s enough to give you a sense of how the course works. Please note unless you cancel, you will be charged for your selected subscription at the conclusion of your 5-day limited trial. No refunds are available to those who are charged for the course after this trial period. To cancel, email us at, but note that it may take us up to 24 hours to process your request; last minute email cancellation requests may result in a charge to your card and then a refund of those funds. If you have trouble canceling or see a charge on your credit bill you believe is unauthorized, do NOT login to the course, but email us or send us a support request immediately.

Additionally, we have scores of videos free on YouTube that you can check out to see Brooke’s teaching style. Because this course is more extensive than what we can achieve in a YouTube videos, most concepts are presented with longer, more in-depth explanations, and at a pace that allows for a greater level of detail.

Are the videos on the course just a repeat of your YouTube videos?

We do include some YouTube videos that cover critical elements of the exam for the convenience of subscribers (such as putting programs on your TI 84 calculator) and some other content also available for free on our blog or website. However, 50+ hours of content are available only as part of our course. I go much more in depth into every topic and offer secrets you won’t find on YouTube. Plus, our course is comprehensive, covering each topic in ways we can’t manage in 10 minute YouTube snippets alone.

I don’t need the course for six months, because my SAT® is really soon! Can I get a discount or only pay for one month?

We offer two lengths of subscription now: 6 months and 12 months. We realize many students won’t need 6 months to prep. However, we don’t want to incentivize procrastination, and want you to take the time you need to prepare. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get a lot out of the course in a short time span. If you’re not ready to make the investment, though, or only have a day or two to prep, we recommend you check out our free YouTube videos, which briefly cover every section of the exam, or take advantage of the limited 5-day trial.

I’m really busy right now. Can I pause my course for a few months and start it again this summer?

No. We do not offer the option to pause your course and restart it later. However, we do offer extensions for 3 or 6 months at a discounted price of $99 or $149. Please note that renewal availability and pricing is subject to change in the future.

Is this the same as the ACT® course, but just for a different test? Do the courses overlap?

On the whole, each course has content geared specifically for one test. The vast majority of our video content is different in each course. There is some overlap between the tests, and we use some identical (or more often, near identical) video content in both courses, most specifically in the English Grammar section, as the rules are the same. Here, we mark each video that “overlaps” with an asterisk in our SAT® version of the course. Eventually we may also include some math basics elements that overlap in some ways and will also try to alert you within the SAT® version of the course to these similarities. We hope this will save you precious time as you prep for two tests at once.

However, the reading sections of these test have distinctly different characters, so these sections generally do not overlap in terms of the content we offer. Still, our tips for speed reading and basic passage mapping do work on both tests, so we recommend if you’re taking both courses to pick one test or the other to watch videos for those skills and focus on other more test specific tips the rest of the time.

Our teaching components of math and grammar (worksheets and downloads, for example, my explanation of how possessives work is the same for both courses) have overlap but our problem sets do not. Our problem sets are all uniquely developed based on actual ACT® and SAT® problems depending on which course you purchase.

What have other people said about the course? Do you have any testimonials?

“…after studying with your course for two months, I got a 1540 with a 770 in both sections!!! I exceeded my goal and I couldn’t have done it with out the Best SAT® Prep Course Ever (a very fitting title!). Your prep course was easy to use and helped me feel confident about the test. I watched and took notes on all of the more general advice videos and then moved on to the more specific ones after taking practice tests and seeing what I needed to work on. The course worked great for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a strong self-motivator!! Thank you so much for all of your efforts on this course!”

We also have testimonials for our similar ACT® course (which has been released much longer, so has more people who have completed the course)— a few of those are below. You can also read testimonials from Brooke’s private tutoring students here.

“…thank you so much for all of the videos! I bought your ACT® prep course, and it helped me raise my score from a 31 to a 35.”

– Austin, Course Subscriber

“My son is currently working through your self paced course, after switching from another prep course.  We were not seeing enough improvement with the previous course, so we went in search of video content to supplement the course we bought.  After much searching, I found your series and LOVED it! We bought your course on Sunday and worked through the English portion of your “Official ACT® Prep Guide” Test 3 review.  He took the English portion of the free practice exam on Monday and raised his score by 6 points! WOW! He has severe test anxiety and ADHD, so this increase was HUGE! THANK YOU!!!!”

-Jennifer, Parent of Course Subscriber

“Hi Brooke,

You and I met over Skype back in late December to talk about how to best use The Best ACT® Prep Course Ever along with how to go about ironing out certain timing issues.

I am pumped to say that I made a 33 composite on the February exam (36 E 34 M 33 R 27 S)! In a perfect world it would have been a 34, but I’ll take it! Especially since I started with a 25!!

Anyway, I greatly appreciate you taking the time that day to speak with me. You helped clear up a lot of the issues that I was having, and I know that I wouldn’t have been able to improve as much as I did without your help!:)

Thanks so much”

-Tom, Course Subscriber, plus one private lesson


I am finished with my prep course and I found it extremely helpful. Thank you! When I first took the ACT®, I scored a 24 and, after using this prep course, I scored a 30. I was so happy and excited when I checked my score. I have been offered admission to numerous prestigious and selective colleges/universities and I know that this course was a crucial part of my college success. I am so happy to say that I’ll be attending my dream school, Hamilton College, and I can’t thank you enough for making this course because it helped me tremendously. Hamilton’s average ACT® score of 32 and their acceptance rate of 18% seemed so daunting when I first fell in love with the school; I thought I had no chance of getting in. I am so thankful for this course and everything it has helped me to achieve!

Thank you, again, for creating this course!

-B., Course Subscriber

“Hi again!

I wanted to say thank you for the private tutoring sessions and the online program. My score went from a 31 to a 35! I was that kid that scored 24 on the reading sections at the beginning. When I took the real test, I got a 36 on that section!! I couldn’t believe it!

Tell Brooke thank you!”

-Simon, Private student with 2 hours of private instruction and Course Subscriber

“I would like to thank you! I took your ACT® prep course and received a 35 composite.”

-S.R., Course Subscriber

Do you offer a score improvement guarantee?

We feel mixing the two formats, video teaching with a personal voice from an expert with pen and paper exercises, gives our students the best prep experience available. Unfortunately, this combination format of preparation (you work from a book or a printed packet, then turn to online videos to supplement your work) hinders our ability to “track” what you’ve done. Many of the materials that you will complete as part of the course are meant to be taken on paper and not online. For instance, we expect you will download, print and complete worksheets as practice material, and we have no way of knowing whether you actually completed this work, or whether you actually reviewed all the questions you missed or just a handful. As a result, we don’t have the technology in place to track student completion in order to know that you’ve done your end of the deal when it comes to using this course to its full potential. At the same time, we feel that doing tests and drills on paper is more efficient and superior in terms of preparation (as the test you are taking is most likely on paper if you’re in the US) than a course whose exercises are solely online (as are many of the competitions’). You can read about that online in a Huffington Post article here. As the article states “it may be in your best interests to digest the information from multiple media forms,” as studies have found that abstract concepts are better understood when presented online, but committing ideas to memory is better experienced with writing by hand.

That being said we are a small company and very customer service oriented. It is our goal to provide the best materials and information possible to prep for this test and to emulate the experience of private tutoring in a way we feel our competition has not succeeded in. When students have questions about specific problems or information in our course, we try to respond to every inquiry in a thorough and expedient manner. (Yes, you can email Brooke your questions!).

Hey Brooke, Khan Academy’s SAT® prep is free. Why do I need this?

Khan Academy is a fabulous resource…for material. It offers a great collection of online practice questions. But when it comes to insider tips, would the test maker really let you in on all the potential backdoor strategies? A few of their tips are good, but we have more tips and strategies to hack the test. I go in depth and breakdown every nuance I can find. What’s more, is some of the advice there is boilerplate typical test prep advice that emphasizes the same kinds of behaviors any English or Math teacher would. The only problem is, this test is not the same as your English or Math class, and though those typical pieces of advice are ok, I’m looking for incisive strategies that offer real insight into what make THIS test challenging, not how to be a good student. My goal is to crack this test open, and I’m here to share my findings with you. You’re not going to get that insight from a site in partnership with the test maker.

But Brooke, why should I buy your course when other online courses exist? 

I set out to make an SAT® course because I saw a gap in the marketplace and felt I could offer something that taught in a more comprehensive and insightful way than the competition. Namely, as a private tutor, the “gold standard” of prep options, I realized as I drove from house to house I was explaining the same techniques and strategies to so many of my students. Sure, I customized which strategies I gave to which students based on which questions they missed on their practice tests, but my “go to” explanations were often the similar. These explanations I continue to hone each week, as new students challenge me to explain in clearer and easier to understand ways. But my metaphors, my analogies, my philosophies behind the strategy, these tell a story that I retell to so many students, and its these stories that make the ideas memorable, that make the strategies stick. Why not capture all these strategies online, in video, and create a prep system that replicates that process: take a test, learn from your mistakes, soak in some strategy, drill down your problem areas, take another test? We’re still making that vision a reality, but this course is its groundwork.

Though our SAT® course is new, we’ve had many students use our ACT® course and not have luck with competitor’s programs or even tutoring courses and private tutors, but have better success with ours namely because I don’t just teach CONTENT, I teach STRATEGY and APPROACH. Wrapped into our course is over 15 years of private tutoring experience. Most of the competition was launched by less experienced tutors with great scores but less experience teaching or by large companies looking to adapt their already established brand and continue bottom line monetization, not innovate to capture the advantages of a particular format.

As a private tutor, I have had success with numerous students who didn’t see the progress they wanted with other online prep solutions or with other private tutors. In fact, I’m often not the first tutor people turn to because I am more expensive to work with than most average ACT®/SAT® tutors. True, some students might succeed in any case if they self study. But most students I see need to rewire their habits. Their scores hit a ceiling not simply because they aren’t practicing reading often enough, but because they aren’t approaching the test in the optimal way. All of this advice, all of this abstract conceptual approach to teaching is a large part of what our course includes. With our ACT® course, we’ve seen gains just as impressive as I’ve seen with my private students. I’ve also had private students quit lessons with me once they’ve figured out that the course is as helpful for them as our sessions were. Those that have continued tutoring I’ve often been able to reduce down to half the lesson time and I see the same results. Clearly the course is spreading the knowledge that I know I have shared with my face to face students. I hope our SAT® course proves just as awesome.

Our video content is also a different format from our competitors’: we have higher production value quality and we hope that makes it easier to watch and learn from. We are the only online SAT® course solution produced by trained media professionals with Hollywood producing experience. Our core video staff hold master’s or bachelor’s degrees in film from top programs; we understand video and want to use it to its fullest potential. We believe watching our videos is a more engaging user experience than watching poor quality screen-caps with disembodied voices recorded on shoddy computer microphones. In short: we know video.

We’re still working on our course: we want to add more tech features, auto populate suggested videos when you upload your practice test results, and eventually work on an app. But in the meantime, the content you need is here and ready now. Our course might not be as Silicon Valley shiny as the competition (yet!) but we’ve got the knowledge and resources you need to make your best SAT® score a reality.

When it comes to prep, private tutoring with an experienced, proven tutor I think is the gold standard of “best prep” scenarios. I know everyone can’t afford it, though, and that’s the primary reason we built this course. I wouldn’t compare this to other “online” courses. Our goal is to emulate the expertise of the private tutoring experience through materials and online resources.

Can I extend my subscription?

Yes, we can offer a three-month or six-month extension for the stand-alone SAT® course for $99 and $149 respectively. Please contact us  if you would like more information or to request an extension. We handle extensions beyond one-year access on a case by case basis. Please email us if you want more information.

What if I decide later I also want to prep for the ACT®? Can I upgrade later?

Yes. We offer current subscribers the ability to also purchase another course OR to add more time to their single test course; however, you’ll get the best deal if you purchase the two course package up front. Our current special pricing to add another course for 1 year access is $249 after you’re subscribed, so long as your subscription is current (we do not offer a special upgrade price to add 6 month access to the other course or after your subscription has expired).

However, you cannot “swap out” your SAT® course for the ACT® course because you’ve changed your mind on what test you want to take. You’ll need to purchase the second course separately.

Can I share?

Your subscription includes access for one student, and there is a one device at a time limit.  Subscribers are not to redistribute or share, online or otherwise, any materials, downloadable worksheets, or other elements provided as part of the prep course. Items you download may include both visible watermarks and/or invisible digital watermarks to identify the associated subscriber account from which materials were downloaded or duplicated, so that we may report anyone who infringes upon copyright to the authorities. Schools, teachers or tutors interested in using videos or materials with multiple students should contact us for multi-user or bulk pricing.**

** Supertutor Media, Inc. reserves the right to suspend access at any time to anyone we deem is abusive to SupertutorTV, our system, other people, or for any other violation of our terms and conditions. No refunds will be given to those found in violation.

What’s your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds to those who have paid for a subscription.

If you’re concerned whether the course is right for you, we invite you to take advantage of our limited access 5-day trial. If you elect the 5-day free limited trial option, your card will automatically be charged at the end of your 5-day limited trial. If do not wish to be charged for the full course, you must cancel your subscription during this 5-day period to avoid charges.

No refunds are given for this course once you’ve been charged. No refunds will be given to any person who elects to shorten or forgo the 5-day limited trial of the course.

Our course is not pro-rated: if you purchase the 12-month subscription and ace the exam in only 5 months of prep, you cannot receive a refund for the additional months left on your account or revert to the cost of a 6-month subscription. If you purchase the course for six months and decide 3 months later you don’t want to use the course or haven’t used the course, you may not receive a refund or partial refund. 

I thought I cancelled my course but just got an invoice via email for the course! Help!

If you’ve recently been charged at the conclusion of your five-day limited trial and forgot to cancel in time please DO NOT login to your account but email (hit reply to your initial subscription email or invoice) or contact us immediately. No refunds will be given to those who have accessed the course in any way after the conclusion of this 5-day limited trial period, and any billing errors must be claimed immediately.

*We cover a representative sample of all math question types. Over time, we plan to adapt our course content and add even more in depth coverage of all math areas.