The Best ACT® Prep Course Ever

Looking for the best ACT® online prep system? Hi, I’m Brooke Hanson, a Stanford educated private tutor. In my 15 years of private tutoring, I’ve coached a student to a perfect 36 on the ACT®, and scored perfectly myself. I want to bring the awesomeness of private tutoring to all of you, at a fraction of the cost! This course has strategies and tips I usually only share with my private students, so it’s like sitting across the desk from an elite private tutor, but with over 50 hours of video content for far less than the cost of an in person course, most online ACT® prep options, and private tutoring. That’s Learning Made Awesome!

Full ACT® online prep course
  6 month or 12 month access plan
50+ hours of HD content
like private tutoring, at a fraction of the cost
strategies for ALL sections
analysis and tips for 7+ practice tests
Official ACT Prep Guide included w/ purchase
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How does this course work?

The Best ACT® Prep Course Ever is designed so you can go at your own pace. All of the content in the course, which consists of videos as well as text based exercises for the English and Math sections, is available to you and you can choose your own areas to work on to improve your ACT® score. No milestones to reach, achievements to unlock, and no sitting through the boring stuff you already know how to do. Get started today working on those trouble areas so you can ace this test and get one step closer to that elusive perfect score!

How much will my score increase?

So far, our average point increase per student has been around 5 points composite on the exam, with students reporting increases from 2-12 points overall. That’s higher than any other online course’s advertised average increase (at least that we’ve seen)! This is based on self-reported improvement from previous subscribers. We’ve had many students report they have scored a 35,  some report 36 scores on individual sections and one commenter on our YouTube channel that reports he scored a perfect 36 after using our course. How much you improve depends on you and how much you want to put into the course. With over 50 hours of video, and over a thousand practice drill questions* unique to our course, it’s up to you to get the score you want!

*see Content and Tips below for more information.

What’s included with the course?

The Best ACT® Prep Course Ever features over 50 hours of video content. In our videos, we cover general tips and strategies for approaching each section (English, Math, Reading and Science), plus several videos on how to write a perfect-scoring ACT® essay. We also prompt students to take real exams* from ACT® as a starting place to understanding particular areas of weakness, teach students skills necessary for each particular problem they miss, guide students on how to self diagnose weak areas so that they can target them using our original material.  The tests we prompt students to use include the free** 2019 ACT Practice Test, the free 2017-2018 ACT Practice Test, and The Official ACT Prep Guide (including 5 exams and 400+ bonus questions). We also recommend students with 2+ months to practice acquire copies of the five exams in the Real ACT Prep Guide (3rd Edition)*** for additional practice.   When you purchase the course,  you will receive a copy* of The Official ACT Prep Guide! (*For US addresses we will make best efforts to ship a physical copy of the book. Because of the evolving COVID-19 health crisis, our company’s ability to ship may be restricted by government ordinance, in which case we will provide an online code for a web accessible eBook or option to wait for shipment at a later date. All international orders will receive an online code for eBook access as we do not ship books outside of the U.S.).  In addition to video, the course includes over 60 problem type-specific math and English worksheet drills (over 1400 printable practice problems) and we update content on the course over time.

*ACT® is a registered trademark of ACT Inc., which is not associated with and does not endorse this product.

**Please note though we provide the Official ACT®Prep Guide to subscribers, students must access any additional ACT® official materials they wish to use on their own; whenever possible, we will provide links as available.

***out of print and not included with the course, but available at your local library or used on Amazon. Some tests in this book overlap with sections of the new Official ACT Prep Guide (particularly in the math section), and are the direct source of the 400 bonus questions included with the book that comes with the course.

Content and Tips? Go on…

The course includes tips on timing, avoiding careless errors and traps, and other general tips specific to getting through and mastering each section.

Our worksheets and problem sets, content drills if you will, for the English and Math sections, are taken the SupertutorTV books, The Best ACT Math Books Ever and the forthcoming book, The Best ACT English Book Ever. By subscribing to this course, you’ll get the same awesome materials from our books, but with videos that walk you through every lesson. You can also download many of our lesson slides so you can follow along with the videos, or skim to see which elements you want to watch. Plus you’ll get a sneak peek at unpublished drills, chapters, and exercises, all so you can greatly improve your score and achieve your test taking goals. Because the Reading and Science sections are not content based, Brooke’s tips for these sections are in videos that focus on strategy and running drills on existing practice sections from practice tests.

Is this course all I need to prep for the ACT®?

The course is meant to be comprehensive: it includes advice on how to master everything that is critical for the exam.  Some of that is in the form of drills (for English and Math sections– the content heavy portions of the exam) that help you hone your skills and outside information you’ll need to know and some is in the form of video (for all sections).  The core of the course is our pattern of learning: take a test, learn from your mistakes using our videos as a guide, and improve on the test.  We also have five free essay prompts that students can use to prepare for that section. Over time we hope to adapt the course and continue to improve it based on user feedback.  Our goal is to bring the awesomeness of private tutoring– all the insider insights, the customization, and focus on real material– to all of you.  If you subscribe and have a suggestion or question, don’t hesitate to reach out! As a small company, we love feedback. We want to make this the best experience we can for you.

To get the most out of the course, we do recommend you buy or acquire a copy of the out-of-print book The Real ACT Prep Guide (3rd Edition), so you have more material to track your progress and diagnose your weaknesses from.

Do I need to buy any books?

For US Buyers: We will make best efforts* to ship you one copy of The Official ACT Prep Guide (2019-2020 Edition), which includes 5 full practice tests and 400+ online bonus questions (available digitally per instructions in the book we ship). For a free practice test from, you can download via this link so that you can start your prep immediately. *Because of the evolving COVID-19 health crisis, our company’s ability to ship may be restricted by government ordinance, in which case we will provide an online code for a web accessible eBook or option to wait for shipment at a later date.

For International Buyers: You will be taking the ACT® on a computer, so for you all, we think it’s best you practice reading questions off a screen. You not be shipped a book, but will receive instructions for digital access to an online eBook version of the Official ACT Prep Guide, which includes 5 full practice tests and access to 400 online bonus questions.

For Everyone: To get the most out of the course, if you’re studying for 2 or more months, or have more than 10 hours per week to prepare, we recommend you find or purchase a copy of The Real ACT Prep Guide (3rd Edition), which includes 5 real tests (one is repeated in full in the newer book, and some math problems repeat in the newer book also); it is out of print, so we cannot send you that book, but you can find it used on Amazon or possibly at your local library. (We recommend reading descriptions of used books and seeking out a copy without markings). You won’t need any other books to use this course.

Please note, the bonus questions available online with the book we ship you are taken from the Real ACT Prep Guide, so many students choose not to use the older Real ACT Prep Guide and simply focus on the newer book we send and the bonus questions (1-3 tests worth of questions per section) as their practice material.

Please note the course only comes with ONE book or digital access to one version of the book: we used to ship and deliver older versions of the book. These have different covers but are nearly identical to newer versions of the book, so don’t be confused if your cover of your book is different from the cover of the book I have in the videos. We also reserve the right to ship you a newer version of the book than what we advertise should the current book go out of print.

How fast do you ship the The Official ACT Prep Guide? What is your shipping policy?

We ship within 1-2 business days of receiving your payment. Due to the evolving COVID-19 health crisis, to reduce risk to our employees, we are temporarily shipping books via 3rd party vendors so shipping speeds may vary at this time. We are doing our best to fulfill books in a timely fashion, but because of restrictive local ordinances and stock issues, deliveries may be delayed. Our free shipping typically takes up to 3 weeks to arrive; priority 3-5 business days. Please note the free trial does not include a book: we do not ship books during any free trial periods and we place an additional 24 hour shipping hold on orders that begin with our limited free trial. Should you wish for us to ship your book faster after you “unlock” your course and remove the trial, just email us and we’ll expedite your shipment. We are not responsible for customer-provided wrong addresses, misdirected mail, returned mail, or US Postal Service or shipping company delays beyond our control.

What if I already own The Official ACT Prep Guide?

Great! You’re already one step ahead, and you’ll be able to start your ACT® prep course journey sooner. If you don’t want us to ship you a book, or you’d prefer a digital version of the book emailed to you, please contact us immediately after your purchase by hitting reply to your order confirmation. We do not offer a discount on the course if you already own the book.

Is this a scheduled class? Do I have a private tutor online with this course?

No, this is not a scheduled class. You can access the videos whenever you want and do them in any order you see fit. The course provides access to a catalog of videos organized by section. This is NOT Skype tutoring or one-on-one instruction over the internet with a live tutor or coach. With this course, you can study any time of day and at your own pace.

However, if you’re looking for more structure, we do have some downloadable pacing guides to help you navigate the course according to the amount of time you have to prepare.

Are the videos available offline?

Videos cannot be downloaded from this course, so offline functionality does not exist at this time.

Am I charged monthly? Do I have to cancel to prevent this from renewing?

Nope. When you buy The Best ACT® Prep Course Ever, you are signing up for a 6 month subscription that you are charged for only once. The subscription does not auto-renew, so you don’t need to cancel or worry about a random extra charge after your subscription period is up. If you want to go longer than 6 months, you can always email us (just hit reply to the email we send you after you purchase) and we’ll arrange to extend your subscription. For current subscribers, we currently offer three and six month subscription extensions for $99 and $149, respectively.

Do you offer bulk subscriptions?

YES! We offer multi-user licenses to schools, test prep centers, and private tutors, by request and at a discount from the retail price of the course. Our system is perfect for a flipped classroom, group study, or self-guided after hours prep. Please email us with your details, budget, and number of students, and a sales representative will be in contact with you. We look forward to spreading awesome test prep knowledge with as many students as we can!

What happened to the free course?

We used to offer a free subscription to the question explanations for the Free ACT® Practice Exam alongside our other explanations product, but we’ve replaced that course with a more comprehensive one that includes section strategies and content, to create a full prep course experience for our course subscribers.  We do offer a free 5-day limited access trial. Your credit card will not be charged so long as you request to cancel 24 hours before the end of your trial period. (P.S. You can still find some of the explanations that comprised our previous “free” course on our Youtube channel).

Do you offer a free trial?

Upon sign up, we offer a 5-day limited access trial to those who opt in. You will not have access to all the material in the course (such as downloads or videos that include commentary and information requiring the book to be understood), but you can see the layout of how the course works, watch a few tip videos, review a free practice test or two, and familiarize yourself with our course introduction video. You must check the box upon registration to opt into this trial, and unless you cancel via email to before the end of this 5 day period, your credit card will be automatically charged. Please note, after this 5-day trial window or once you have purchased or unlocked the full course, we do not offer refunds on our course subscriptions.

(*email cancellations may take up to 24 hours to process. Last minute email cancellation requests may result in a charge to your card and then a refund of those funds.).

Additionally, we have scores of videos free on YouTube that you can check out to see Brooke’s teaching style. Because the course is more extensive than what we can achieve in a YouTube videos, concepts are presented with longer, more in-depth explanations, and at a pace that allows for a greater level of detail.

If I do the free trial for five days, do those five days count toward my 6 month subscription?

No. Your six month or 12 month subscription period begins the day your card is charged and you have full access to the course. If you do nothing, that will be 5 days (five 24-hour periods) after your initial request for a 5-day trial period. If you request to unlock the full course before your 5 day trial is at its end, the day your unlock is processed will begin the 6 month period. Please note, even if you do not log into the course on the first day you have full unlocked access, your subscription period still begins on that day.

I signed up to trial both the ACT® and SAT® but now I only want to sign up for the ACT® course. What should I do?

Email us at or submit a ticket to our help desk from inside the course.

I don’t need the course for six months, because my ACT® is really soon! Can I get a discount or only pay for one month? Or three months?

Presently, we offer two purchases option for our course, 6 and 12 months. Because you have access to every download and video from day 1, and you choose when to watch and how intensively you do so, we charge the same amount to access the course regardless of whether you’re prepping for 2 weeks or half a year. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get a lot out of the course in a short time span. If you’re not ready to make the investment, though, we recommend you check out our free YouTube videos, which briefly cover every section of the exam.

ACT® cancelled/rescheduled my exam date! I only subscribed through the originally scheduled test. Can you help?

Yes. If ACT® cancelled, postponed or rescheduled, cancelled, or postponed your exam date for reasons beyond your control, and your current subscription will lapse before your new exam date, but after your original exam date, please contact us once your course has lapsed so we can help. Please note this policy does not apply to students who electively postpone their exam or to non-student subscribers (such as tutors).

I’m worried about purchasing the course now because I want to be sure I can actually take it soon after I’ve studied. What if there are no ACTs for the next 6 months?

Don’t worry! For subscribers who initially purchase the course after March 16th, 2020, given the current cancellation of the April ACT, and possible future cancellations, we guarantee to extend your course for free as necessary so that at least two national US test dates* (or one international test date) are available during your subscription period. (*Note the July national test date may not be available in California and/or New York).

Do you offer a score improvement guarantee?

We feel mixing the two formats, video teaching with a personal voice from an expert with pen and paper exercises, gives our students the best prep experience available. Unfortunately, this combination format of preparation (you work from a book or a printed packet, then turn to online videos to supplement your work) hinders our ability to “track” what you’ve done. Many of the materials that you will complete as part of the course are meant to be taken on paper and not online. For instance, we expect you will use a book as practice material, and we have no way of knowing whether you actually completed this work. As a result, we don’t have the technology in place to track student completion in order to know that you’ve done your end of the deal when it comes to using this course to its full potential. At the same time, we feel that doing tests and drills on paper is more efficient and superior in terms of preparation (as the test you are taking is most likely on paper if you’re in the US) than a course whose exercises are solely online (as are many of the competitions’). You can read about that online in a Huffington Post article here. As the article states “it may be in your best interests to digest the information from multiple media forms,” as studies have found that abstract concepts are better understood when presented online, but committing ideas to memory is better experienced with writing by hand.

That being said we are a small company and very customer service oriented. It is our goal to provide the best materials and information possible to prep for this test and to emulate the experience of private tutoring in a way we feel our competition has not succeeded in. When students have questions about specific problems or information in our course, we try to respond to every inquiry in a thorough and expedient manner. If you haven’t reached your goals, or are struggling, please reach out to us. We want to help. (Yes, you can email Brooke your questions!).

Brooke, why should I buy your course when other online courses exist? How do I know this is worth it?

I set out to make an ACT® course because I saw a gap in the marketplace and felt I could offer something that taught in a more comprehensive and insightful way than the competition. 

We have had many students use our course and not have luck with competitor’s programs or even tutoring courses and private tutors, but have better success with ours namely because I don’t just teach CONTENT, I teach STRATEGY and APPROACH. Wrapped into our course is over 15 years of private tutoring experience. I’ve tutored students to perfect scores in every section, one to a perfect superscore, and another a perfect composite score. I, myself, have also scored perfectly on the exam as an adult. Most of the competition was launched by less experienced tutors with great scores but less experience teaching or by large companies looking to adapt their already established brand and continue bottom line monetization, not a video expert who is also private tutor.

Over the years, I have had success with numerous students who didn’t see the progress they wanted with other online ACT® prep solutions or with other private tutors. In fact, I’m often not the first tutor people turn to because I am more expensive to work with than most average ACT®/SAT® tutors. True, some students might succeed in any case if they self study, particularly if all they need is a content brush up (i.e. a few books on grammar and some math practice). But most students I see need to rewire their habits. Their scores hit a ceiling not simply because they forget how to multiply matrices, but because they aren’t approaching the test in the optimal way. All of this advice, all of this abstract conceptual approach to teaching is a large part of what our course includes. What has impressed me the most is now that we’ve launched the course, I’m seeing gains just as impressive as I’ve seen with my private students. We’ve had students write to tell us they’ve improved six, eight, even twelve points! Some without even fully completing the course materials. I’ve also had private students quit lessons with me once they’ve figured out that the course is as helpful for them as our sessions were. Those that have continued tutoring I’ve often been able to reduce down to half the lesson time and I see the same results. Clearly the course is spreading the knowledge that I know I have shared with my face to face students.

Our video content is also a different format from our competitors’: we have higher production value quality and we hope that makes it easier to watch and learn from. We are the only online ACT® course solution produced by trained media professionals with Hollywood producing experience. Our core video staff all hold masters or bachelor’s degrees in film from top programs; we understand video and want to use it to its fullest potential. We believe watching our videos is a more engaging user experience than watching poor quality screen-caps with disembodied voices recorded on shoddy computer microphones.

When it comes to prep, private tutoring with an experienced, proven tutor I think is the gold standard of “best prep” scenarios. I know everyone can’t afford it, though, and that’s the primary reason we built this course. I wouldn’t compare this to other “online” courses. Our goal is to emulate the expertise of the private tutoring experience through materials and online resources.

What happened to your previous ACT® test explanations courses?

At this time our previous explanation course subscription offers have expired. We offer all these explanations, however, as part of our full course and free limited access trial.

Can I extend my subscription?

Yes, if you are a student studying for the ACT®, we can offer three-month or six-month extension for the ACT®-only course for $99 and $149 respectively. If your ACT was cancelled due to circumstances outside your control, and your course expired before you were able to take your rescheduled exam, you may be eligible for a free extension. Please contact us  AFTER your course lapses if you would like more information or to request an extension. Note extension terms and availability are subject to change in the future.

I’m on the trial how do I unlock the full course?

You can email us at to do so.

Can I share?

Your subscription includes access for one student, and there is a one device at a time limit (i.e. you can only use the account actively on one device, on one IP address at a time. You can use the course on multiple devices, so long as you are only actively watching or downloading from one device at once and use is by a single student).  Subscribers are not to redistribute or share, online or otherwise, any materials, downloadable worksheets, or other materials provided as part of the prep course.  Schools, teachers or tutors interested in using videos or materials with multiple students should contact us for multi-user or bulk pricing.**

What’s your refund policy?

Due to the nature of having access to all of Brooke’s secrets from the beginning, no refunds are given for this course once you’ve paid.** Supertutor Media, Inc. reserves the right to suspend access at any time to anyone we deem is abusive to SupertutorTV, our system, other people, or for any other violation of our terms and conditions. No refunds will be given to those found in violation.

What have other people said about the course? Do you have any testimonials?

Yes! We do!

Here are a few examples:

Thank you. I went from a 21 to a 30.

-Michael, Course Subscriber

“I was emailing to let you know that with just 2 weeks of prep using your course I scored 4 points higher. I was stuck at a 24 for a year. I prepped on my own and took several tests but could never pull it up. 2 weeks before the September ACT I signed up for your course. I ended up making a 28. Thanks!”
– Dylan, Course Subscriber

“…thank you so much for all of the videos! I bought your ACT prep course, and it helped me raise my score from a 31 to a 35.”

– Austin, Course Subscriber 

“My son is currently working through your self paced course, after switching from another prep course.  We were not seeing enough improvement with the previous course, so we went in search of video content to supplement the course we bought.  After much searching, I found your series and LOVED it! We bought your course on Sunday and worked through the English portion of your “Official ACT Prep Guide” Test 3 review.  He took the English portion of the free practice exam on Monday and raised his score by 6 points! WOW! He has severe test anxiety and ADHD, so this increase was HUGE! THANK YOU!!!!”

-Jennifer, Parent of Course Subscriber 

“Hi Brooke,

You and I met over Skype back in late December to talk about how to best use The Best ACT Prep Course Ever along with how to go about ironing out certain timing issues.

I am pumped to say that I made a 33 composite on the February exam (36 E 34 M 33 R 27 S)! In a perfect world it would have been a 34, but I’ll take it! Especially since I started with a 25!!

Anyway, I greatly appreciate you taking the time that day to speak with me. You helped clear up a lot of the issues that I was having, and I know that I wouldn’t have been able to improve as much as I did without your help!:)

Thanks so much”

-Tom, Course Subscriber, plus one private lesson


I am finished with my prep course and I found it extremely helpful. Thank you! When I first took the ACT, I scored a 24 and, after using this prep course, I scored a 30. I was so happy and excited when I checked my score. I have been offered admission to numerous prestigious and selective colleges/universities and I know that this course was a crucial part of my college success. I am so happy to say that I’ll be attending my dream school, Hamilton College, and I can’t thank you enough for making this course because it helped me tremendously. Hamilton’s average ACT score of 32 and their acceptance rate of 18% seemed so daunting when I first fell in love with the school; I thought I had no chance of getting in. I am so thankful for this course and everything it has helped me to achieve!

Thank you, again, for creating this course!

-B., Course Subscriber

“Hi again!

I wanted to say thank you for the private tutoring sessions and the online program. My score went from a 31 to a 35! I was that kid that scored 24 on the reading sections at the beginning. When I took the real test, I got a 36 on that section!! I couldn’t believe it!

Tell Brooke thank you!”

-Simon, Private student with 2 hours of private instruction and Course Subscriber

I would like to thank you! I took your ACT prep course and received a 35 composite.”

-S.R., Course Subscriber

“Hello! This site is incredible. I was able to increase my score from a 29 to a 32!

I like this site because it breaks down each section by topic. I felt this is the only way to improve on this test. Having a whole worksheet on solely commas, logs, etc. allowed for a huge increase in my score.

Great site, lot of fun, and overall, got the score! Appreciate your time

Thank you,”

-Jack, Course Subscriber

Are The Best ACT® Math Books Ever included with the course?

The books are not included with purchase of the course but you will have access to all 1000+ math practice problems in the books on the online course.