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The Best ACT Prep Course Ever

Looking for the best ACT online prep course? Hi, I’m Brooke Hanson, a Stanford educated private tutor and perfect scoring ACT test taker. In my 15 years of private tutoring, I’ve coached a student to a perfect 36 on the ACT, and scored perfectly myself. I want to bring the awesomeness of private tutoring to all of you, at a fraction of the cost! This course has strategies and tips I usually only share with my private students, so it’s like sitting across the desk from an elite private tutor, but with over 50 hours of video content for far less than the cost of a class, most online ACT prep courses, and private tutoring. That’s Learning Made Awesome!

Full ACT online prep course
6 month access
50+ hours of HD content
like private tutoring, at 2% the cost
strategies for ALL sections
explanations for 8 practice tests
FREE Official ACT Prep Guide w/ purchase
Sign up now!

How does this course work?

The Best ACT Prep Course Ever is designed so you can go at your own pace. All of the content in the course is available to you and you can choose your own areas to work on to improve your ACT score. No milestones to reach, achievements to unlock, and no sitting through the boring stuff you already know how to do. Get started today working on those trouble areas so you can ace this test and get one step closer to that elusive perfect score!

What’s included with the course?

The Best ACT Prep Course Ever features general tips for approaching each section (English, Math, Reading and Science), plus several videos on how to write a perfect-scoring ACT essay. The backbone of the course is our video explanations for EIGHT real ACT tests: for the Free ACT Practice Test available online at ACT.org, for The Official ACT Prep Guide (including 400+ bonus questions), and for the exams in the Real ACT Prep Guide (3rd Edition)*.  In these videos, Brooke explains each and every question. When you purchase the course, we will ship you a physical copy* of The Official ACT Prep Guide! (*U.S. ONLY. All international orders will receive an online code for eBook access as we do not ship books outside of the U.S.).  In addition to video, the course includes math and English content drills, and we add new content to the course regularly.

Content and Tips? Go on…

The course includes tips on timing, avoiding careless errors and traps, and other general tips specific to getting through and mastering each section. These are tips that Brooke shares with her private students, and now we’re offering them to you at a fraction of the cost. We will also include worksheets and problem sets, content drills if you will, for the English and Math sections, which are based on the forthcoming SupertutorTV books, The Best ACT Math Book Ever and The Best ACT English Book Ever. By subscribing to this course, you’ll get a sneak peek at what we’ve been cooking up in the curriculum oven, all so you can greatly improve your score and achieve your test taking goals. Because the Reading and Science sections are not content based, Brooke’s tips for these sections are in videos that focus on strategy.

Is this course all I need to prep for the ACT?

The course is meant to be comprehensive: we’ve waited to release it until it included advice on how to master everything that is critical for the exam.  Some of that is in the form of drills (for English and Math sections– the content heavy portions of the exam) that help you hone your skills and outside information you’ll need to know and some is in the form of video (for all sections).  The core of the course is our answer explanations for 8+ real exams– this is how you can best learn from your mistakes and improve on the test– and the best way to study the Science and Reading sections in particular.  We also have five free essay prompts that students can use to prepare for that section. Over time we hope to add to the course and continue to improve it based on user feedback.  Our goal is to bring the awesomeness of private tutoring — all the insider insights, the customization, and focus on real material– to all of you.  If you subscribe and have a suggestion or question, don’t hesitate to reach out! We are a small company and love feedback. We want to make this the best experience we can for you.

Do I need to buy any books?

We will ship you* one copy of The Official ACT Prep Guide, which includes 3 full practice tests and 400+ online bonus questions (available digitally per instructions in the book we ship). For the free practice test from ACT.org, you can download via this link so that you can start your prep immediately. The Real ACT Prep Guide (3rd Edition), which includes 5 real tests (one is repeated in the newer book), is out of print so we cannot send you that one, but you can find it on Amazon or possibly at your local library. All in all, that’s 8 practice tests worth of material! You won’t need any other books to use this course.  Please note, the bonus questions available for download with the book we ship you are taken from the Real ACT Prep Guide, so many students choose not to use the older Real ACT Prep Guide and simply focus on the newer book we send and the bonus questions (about 2-3 tests worth of questions). Please note the course only comes with ONE book: we used to ship the 2016-2017 version of the book. It has a different cover but is nearly identical to newer versions of the book, so don’t be confused if your cover of your book is different from the cover of the book I have in the videos. (*International buyers will not be shipped a book, but will receive instructions for digital access to a version of the book).

What if I already own The Offical ACT Prep Guide?

Great! You’re already one step ahead, and you’ll be able to start your ACT prep course journey sooner. If you don’t want us to ship you a book, please reach out to us within 24 hours of your purchase. We do not offer a discount on the course at this time if you already own the book.

Are the videos available offline?

Videos cannot be downloaded from this course, so offline functionality does not exist at this time.

Am I charged monthly?

No. When you buy The Best ACT Prep Course Ever, you are signing up for a 6 month subscription that you are charged for only once. The subscription does not auto-renew, so you don’t need to cancel or worry about a random extra charge after your subscription period is up. If you want to go longer than 6 months, you can always email us and we’ll arrange to extend your subscription.

Do you offer bulk subscriptions?

YES! We offer multi-user licenses to schools, test prep centers, and private tutors, by request and at a discount from the retail price of the course. Our system is perfect for a flipped classroom, group study, or self-guided after hours prep. Please email us with your details, budget, and number of students, and a sales representative will be in contact with you. We look forward to spreading awesome test prep knowledge with as many students as we can!

What happened to the free course?

We used to offer a free subscription to the question explanations for the Free ACT Practice Exam alongside our other explanations product, but we’ve combined all of that, with section strategies and content, to create a full prep course experience for our prep course subscribers.  Because we are just launching our new platform, we’re focusing our resources on our complete course at this time and are not offering a free option. If you subscribe now, you’ll have access to the full free test as well as tons more content! (P.S. You can still find some of those explanations on our Youtube channel).

Do you offer a free trial?

Unfortunately we don’t at this time, but we hope to offer a free trial in the near future. That being said, we have over scores of videos free on YouTube that you can check out to see Brooke’s teaching style. We recommend you check out this playlist of explanations from the Official ACT Practice Test to get a feel for how she explains answers. Additionally, because the course is more extensive than what we can achieve in a YouTube videos, concepts are presented with longer, more in-depth explanations.

I was a paid subscriber on your previous explanations courses, do I still have access?

You still have access to the practice explanations that you purchased through your subscription expiry date, although you may need to log in again since we’ve changed our platform.  You can find “My Courses” by clicking on your name in the upper right corner once you’ve logged in. Please note your login name is now your email address, and if you haven’t already, will need to reset your password.  If you would like to upgrade to the new course, we offer a discounted upgrade– just contact us! If you are having trouble logging in, reset your password on the login form.

Can I extend my subscription?

Yes, we can offer a three-month extension for an additional fee. Please contact us  if your course is expiring and you are interested.

Can I share?

Your subscription includes access for one student, and there is a one device at a time limit.  Subscribers are not to redistribute or share, online or otherwise, any materials, downloadable worksheets, or other materials provided as part of the prep course.  Schools, teachers or tutors interested in using videos or materials with multiple students should contact us for multi-user or bulk pricing.**

What’s your refund policy?

Due to the nature of having access to all of Brooke’s secrets from the beginning, no refunds are given for this course once you’ve signed up. ** Supertutor Media, Inc. reserves the right to suspend access at any time to anyone we deem is abusive to SupertutorTV, our system, other people, or for any other violation of our terms and conditions. No refunds will be given to those found in violation.