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We offer elite tutors for the SAT, ACT,  SAT subject tests, ISEE/SSAT, GRE, AP courses, and school subjects. We also have offer expert coaches for College Essay review, College Admissions Strategy Consulting for top 50 Colleges, and General College Consulting.

Our essay tutors and college consultants have attended top ranked universities such as Stanford, Duke, Northwestern & Brown and most have experience as professional writers or screenwriters.

Our test prep tutors boast 99th percentile scores and a record of academic excellence. Four of our test prep tutors have coached multiple students to perfect scores on the SAT or ACT. 

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The Power of Private Tutoring + SupertutorTV!

Our private tutoring program is designed to pair with our online ACT and SAT courses (sold separately).

By combining one-on-one lessons with our online course, we‘ve seen students make gains in 1/2 the billable private tutoring time compared to private tutoring alone.

The Power of Private Tutoring + SupertutorTV!

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Put Your Best Self on Paper with our College Essay Coaching Services!

Our goal as essay coaches is to empower you to tell your best story in your own voice.

We’re here to help you discover your inner awesomeness and articulate your vision for college and beyond.

Our private essay coaches have attend top 10 ranked universities and have backgrounds in professional writing or storytelling.


Put Your Best Self on Paper with our College Essay Coaching Services!

Brooke’s essay clients have accepted admission to the following and many other competitive universities.


Brooke Hanson

CEO, Founder & Expert Tutor

Meet Brooke

Brooke is a Stanford-educated, perfect scoring SAT and ACT private tutor and admissions expert for top ranked colleges. With over 15 years of tutoring experience, Brooke is a test prep expert who has coached students to perfect scores on the SAT and ACT and is a college essay and admissions consultant whose students have attended top 10 colleges and beyond. During the 2021-2022 season, of her 24 undergraduate applicant essay private students who reported back their college decision results, 12 of them will be attending their first choice colleges, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, and UC Berkeley. 

Brooke believes that every student has something to offer the world, that you matter more than your test score, and that no matter who you are, education unlocks opportunity. She is committed to helping students discover their best selves as scholars, achievers, and human beings. Her approach goes beyond content, looking at each student as an individual whose obstacles might be different from someone else’s. Her goal is to help students understand what is holding them back, so that they might achieve whatever they set their intention and effort to master.

As an essay coach, Brooke draws upon her rich storytelling background as a professional filmmaker to help students craft narratives that reveal their personality, their uniqueness, and their voice. No one can control specific outcomes, but Brooke can push you to get all that is magnificent about you onto the page.

Brooke also offers activities/course selection consulting for ambitious students (grades 8-11) aiming for admission to top 20 or top 50 colleges, as well as SCEA/REA/ED/EA strategy consulting for seniors. See our FAQs (link below) for more specifics on what elements of consulting Brooke specializes in. 

Brooke is a member of the National Test Prep Association (NTPA) and the National Associate for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).  

Private Tutors, College Consultants, & Essay Coaches

 Private tutors placed with students through SupertutorTV have all scored in or coached students to score in the 99th percentile on the SAT® and/or ACT® tests. Most of our essay coaches have consulted students admitted to top 10 universities.

Tutoring, Consulting & Coaching: Pricing


Online Course Test Prep Coaching

A 99th percentile scoring tutor will coach you through how to get the most out of our SAT® or ACT® course, checking in with you and ensuring you have a study plan tailored to your specific needs. Only available in conjunction with a course subscription!

Four 30-minute coaching sessions per month. $149/month

Businesswoman in headset call center agent consulting participating video conference

Private Tutoring/Coaching

Get full-scale online tutoring (1-2 hour lessons) with highly qualified senior level tutors with 3+ years experience and high scoring junior tutors who can teach students in conjunction with our ACT/SAT courses or separately. Subjects include test prep (SAT®/ACT®/ISEE®/SSAT®/ GRE®/ AP® Chemistry, AP® Biology, and many other AP® subjects), college essay consulting, and school subjects. Students/Parents can choose their own tutor, and pricing varies by tutor. Please inquire for specific availability and full roster. All tutors teach online and use screen sharing and pen tablet technology.  Each is vetted and personally selected.

Junior Tutors $75+/hour
Senior Tutors $112+/hour


Tutoring & Coaching with Brooke

Brooke personally offers online lessons via Skype and in-person lessons in her west Los Angeles office. Subjects include test prep (SAT®/ACT®/ISEE®/SSAT®/ GRE®/ MCAT® CARS, select AP®/IB subjects and more), college consulting (essay, activities strategy, top 50 ranked college application strategy, & interview coaching), competition math,  and school subjects.


More Subjects

Brooke and our staff are also available for tutoring in other subjects. Please inquire for specific availability.

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