Did you take the ACT recently and feel like you didn’t perform your best? Did you know that it’s possible to cancel, or even delete, your scores? There are just a few time-sensitive steps you have to take, and I’ll cover them in this post.

ACT Reporting Policy

Before we get into canceling and deleting scores, it’s important to know the ACT’s reporting policy. The ACT has a policy to report all scores for each test date, so you won’t be able to report either only your multiple-choice score or only your writing test score.  You also won’t be able to combine scores from different test dates.

Canceling ACT Scores

Canceling means your ACT will never be scored. Like the SAT, there is a same-day score cancellation option. You can also cancel it until noon Central Time on the Thursday after the administered test date. This deadline includes any additions, changes, or cancellations to which colleges will receive your score reports. However, this means that you won’t be able to see your scores before you decide whether you want your score deleted. Because ACT also allows you to delete your scores after you’ve seen the score most students opt to delete rather than cancel their ACT score unless there are extenuating circumstances or a student did not complete the exam. What is important to note though is that if you requested score reports be sent before you took your ACT, you must request any changes to those requests by the Thursday after the exam.

Deleting ACT Records

If you want to make sure that a score is removed permanently from your file, you must take steps to delete it. Deleting a test record can be done any time, even after you’ve seen your score. Note: ACT scores used to show student participation in State and District Testing cannot be deleted. This process only applies to people who took the exam on national test dates.

You must submit a written request to delete scores for a specific test date. Make sure to include your name and address! Send your request to:

ACT Institutional Services

P.O. Box 168

Iowa City, IA 52243-0168

After your request is processed, ACT will send you a cancellation form to complete and return. All of your scores from that test date will be deleted from your ACT record.


I hope you found this information on how to cancel and delete your ACT scores helpful. Good luck with future testing, and if you need more resources to strengthen your ACT preparation, check out our links below!

(Photos by Alberto G. and Alachua County under Creative Commons.  Edited under Creative Commons guidelines.)