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SupertutorTV SAT & PSAT Intensives
"I feel like this course did help me improve my reading and writing scores a lot - I used to score 650-720 ish range for rw but now I’ve improved it to 770 which is great!"
SupertutorTV SAT & PSAT Intensives
2024 DSAT Intensive alum

Our 6-week Digital SAT live class is designed for high achieving students aiming for 1450+ on the SAT.

Our class will cover the following:

-Top Reading Question types (vocabulary in context, transitions, dual passages, interpreting evidence, main idea, etc.

-Top Math Hacks & Shortcuts for speed and improved performance

-Most Tested Math Skills & Topics

-How to Use your Calculator & Desmos for an Added Edge

Students will be given between 2-5 hours of homework per week. Students must be able to download and print a packets for homework and access Google Drive for class assignments. Students will also be given beta- access to the digital SupertutorTV online course for 6 weeks.

Lecture style class with 10 minutes of Q&A at the end of each session. Students who cannot make live sessions may submit questions in advance via email.

 Note: This class is intended for the digital SAT to be offered in the US beginning in March 2024. 

Class will be team taught by Brooke Hanson of SupertutorTV and a senior level SupertutorTV tutor. Each teacher will trade off lessons or hours of teaching to offer their best strategies on the test. 

Each class recording will be made available for students enrolled within approximately 48 hours of class time. 

Students who cannot make a particular session will be expected to make up the session by watching the video of the class. 

Each enrollment is for one student. Limit 99 students.

Class may be cancelled before the first class if it does not reach minimum enrollment.


Digital SAT Intensive
May 1-29
+1 SAT Super Seminar
4-6pm PT / 7-9 pm ET

This class has already started. Email us at info@supertutortv.com if you'd like to sign up late.

Looking for a recorded version of this class? Email us at info@supertutortv.com to purchase recording/materials access from a previously taught session.


Leo improved 380 points on his SAT & got accepted into Harvard!


Colby scored a 35 on his ACT. Get your best score, too!


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