Brooke is an energetic tutor who has worked for multiple education companies throughout the Los Angeles area– teaching numerous subjects to students from ages 8-48, who have attended everywhere from LA public schools, to Marlborough, Harvard Westlake, and Crossroads. She has also been a curriculum writer, writing SAT prep curriculum as well as debate curriculum, for two established tutoring companies.

Brooke graduated with honors in American Studies from Stanford University in 2002, and completed an MFA in Cinematic Arts from USC in 2008. Though her academic background weighs heavily toward writing and verbal, she naturally excels in mathematics and has coached students to perfect scores or 99th percentile scores on the math sections of the GRE, ACT, and SAT.

Brooke is a seasoned professional with prep for the SAT and other standardized tests.  There is not a section of either the ACT or SAT that at least one of her students has not scored perfectly on.



Over the last twelve years, I have worked with ten different education and tutoring companies in California, teaching ages 8-48.

More than 10,000 hours of teaching experience!



For three years at USC, Brooke mentored and instructed over 400 undergraduate and graduate students as a Teaching Assistant.


Curriculum Writing

Curriculum writer for two established tutoring companies (SAT Critical Reading Section / Debate topic curriculum)


Admissions Consulting

Former Stanford University admissions volunteer.

She has consulted for several students who gained admission to one of their “reach” schools strategize their applications, and polish their essays.



Her former students have been accepted to Ivy League Universities (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Penn, Cornell) and other top ranking schools (MIT, Harvey Mudd, Berkeley, Northwestern), both as undergraduate and graduate students.  Her high school clients have gained admission to both top local schools (Harvard Westlake, Marlborough, and many others) to internationally renowned boarding schools such as Exeter.

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