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Free PSAT Practice Test

PSAT Practice Test #1 (2015) – PSAT Answer Sheet – PSAT Test #1 Scoring Guide

PSAT Practice Test #2 (Fall 2016)PSAT Answer SheetPSAT Test #2 Scoring Guide

The Official SAT® Practice Tests & Study Guide

SAT® Practice Tests

The links below are free practice tests for the new SAT®, (March 2016 onward):

You can find ALL the most recent SAT® tests officially available here: SAT® Full Length Practice Tests

SAT® Practice Test 1 Test 1 Explanations – Test 1 Scoring Guide – Test 1 Essay

SAT® Practice Test 2 Is no longer availableTest 2 Explanations – Test 2 Scoring Guide – Test 2 Essay

SAT® Practice Test 3Test 3 Explanations – Test 3 Scoring Guide – Test 3 Essay

SAT® Practice Test 4 Is no longer availableTest 4 Explanations – Test 4 Scoring Guide – Test 4 Essay

SAT® Practice Test 5 – Test 5 Explanations – Test 5 Scoring Guide –  Test 5 Essay

SAT® Practice Test 6Test 6 Explanations – Test 6 Scoring Guide & Answers – Test 6 Essay

SAT® Practice Test 7Test 7 ExplanationsTest 7 Scoring Guide & AnswersTest 7 Essay

SAT® Practice Test 8 – Test 8 Explanations – Test 8 Scoring Guide & AnswersTest 8 Essay

SAT® Practice Test 9 Test 9 Explanations Test 9 Scoring Guide & Answers

SAT® Practice Test 10Test 10 ExplanationsTest 10 Scoring Guide & Answers

These tests are also a portion of the College Board’s print book available for purchase here:

Official SAT® Study Guide (2018 Edition)

A pdf version of the remaining portions of the Official SAT® Study Guide can be downloaded one chapter at a time at the following links:

Official SAT® Study Guide (non test portions)

About the SAT® Essay – Official SAT® Study Guide | SAT® Suite of Assessments – The College Board

Two additional SAT® QAS practice test is online released via the State of Maine website:

April 2019 QAS (State of Maine Released Test)

April 2019 QAS Answer Key & Scoring Guide

April 2018 QAS (State of Maine Released Test)

April 2018 QAS Answer Key & Scoring Guide

Free ACT® Practice Tests

ACT® Online Computer System Practice Test (For international test takers or those out of paper exams) Form 71C

ACT® 2018-2019 Practice Test**

ACT® 2015-2016-2017-2018 Practice Test**

select video answer explanations online for free on our YouTube channel

**For these exams, SupertutorTV offers all video answer explanations as part of our Best ACT® Prep Course Ever

ACT® 2014-2015 Practice Test

ACT® 2011-2012 Practice Test

ACT® 2008-2009 Practice Test

SAT® and ACT® Concordance Tables

Our best concordance table for ACT®, SAT® and PSAT is on our What’s a Good PSAT Score Blog.  Check it out!