In this blog we go over Brooke’s conversation with Michelle Cho, Co-founder of, about the six career personality types. American psychologist Dr. John Holland once said, “the choice of a career is an expression of personality.” He suggested that people work best in work environments that match their preference or personality types, thus creating the Holland Codes. These codes consist of six personality types that the Department of Labor uses to classify careers.

  • Realistic
  • Artistic
  • Enterprising
  • Social
  • Conventional
  • Investigative


When choosing a career it’s important to identify your personality types to give you an idea of what type of environment you would be able to thrive in. Note that people are usually a combination of 2-3 types, so don’t classify yourself to just one.

1. The Builder (Holland Code: Realistic)

This type of person is usually good with their hands, tools, and anything to do with physical skills. Careers under this trait look like athletes, architects, contractors, electricians, etc.

2. The Creator (Holland Code: Artistic)

Aside from obvious careers like artists and painters, The Creator is classified as those who think outside the box and make new ideas and products. This can be graphic designers, artists, entrepreneurs, film makers, etc.

3. The Persuader (Holland Code: Enterprising)

The Persuader is good at public speaking and performs well as the leader. Those with this trait are good at selling an idea or product. Persuaders are usually self-starters and are comfortable dealing with all types of people. Careers for this trait include real estate agents, politicians, and social media directors.

4. The People Person (Holland Code: Social)

This trait is for specifically those who like to serve and help people. A perfect career this trait exemplifies is that of a nurse. Other careers include teachers, therapists, and anyone who works in customer service.

5. The Organizer (Holland Code: Conventional)

Someone who is an organizer is someone who likes structure, progresses, rules, and order. Careers for this trait are anyone who deals with operations, accountants, and event planners.

6. The Problem Solver (Holland Code: Investigative)

The Problem Solver likes to solve conflicts and is analytical and inquisitive. You can see engineers, professors, and web developers posses this trait. Usually The Problem Solver is deemed as the “smart kids” in high school but it is important to remember that everyone possesses more that one personality trait and it is key to work on improving them all.

Michelle Cho adds, ” we need to change the paradigm from “how intelligent are you” to “how are you intelligent.”

At you can find a career quiz to help you figure out your strengths and careers/industries that match. Through this quiz you will be able to learn more about yourself and see what type of worker you want to be and the rest will follow.