Are you trying to cram for the SAT® and want some quick and easy tips to bump your score by 50 points? In this blog, we will give you three pointers to help amp up your score on the SAT® Writing and Language section.

1. Pick What Sounds Normal

You will encounter diction (word choice) questions on the SAT® Writing and Language section and you have to remember to not freak out at the sight of a word you don’t know the meaning of. Read the whole paragraph and see if any answer choices naturally just fit in. Make sure that the answer choice you choose doesn’t stick out in the passage and seem out of place. Avoid any fancy or folky words as these answer choices are most likely wrong but also stay away of choices that sound like a third grader made them up.

2. Shorter is Better, If All Else is Equal

What we don’t want to do when going for shorter answer choices is losing important information relevant to the passage, creating confusion, or causing the grammar to fall apart. Know when it is appropriate to choose shorter because it could cost you some valuable points. If the answer choices all sound similar and you’re having a tough time, then that is where shorter is key.

3. If You’re Stuck, Read More

If you find yourself stuck reading over the answer choices and can’t distinguish why one is better than the other, you’re probably missing some input from the passage that has the clue. Look for structure in the passage and gather more data to help you find the correct answer choice. Use any specific details from the question to help you read with a keene eye for relevant information.