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Average Score: Low to Mid 500’s per section (1000-1100 Score) 

SchoolSAT Critical Reading & Writing Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)SAT Math Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)
Cal State University, Fullerton450-550470-570
Lewis Clark State College450-560440-550
Cal State University, Northridge460-570450-550
Indiana State University460-570450-550
New Mexico State470-590470-570
Colorado Mesa University470-590470-570
Rocky Mountain College490-590500-585
Sam Houston State University500-580500-560


Above Average Score: High 500’s~600 per section, ~1100-1190 total score

SchoolSAT Critical Reading & Writing Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)SAT Math Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)
Georgia State500-590490-600
Old Dominion500-610490-590
University of Massachusetts - Boston500-610520-610
Texas State University510-600500-580
Central Michigan University510-610490-590
Northern Arizona University520-620510-610
University of Toledo510-610510-630
University of Texas - San Antonio520-620520-600
Kent State520-620510-590
University of Nevada, Las Vegas520-620510-620
University of New Mexico520-630510-630
West Virginia University530-620520-620
University of South Alabama530-630510-610
Wichita State University538-653523-600
Ball State540-620530-610
Louisiana Tech University540-640530-650
North Dakota State University543-630540-645
University of West Florida550-630530-600


Good Score: Low – Mid 600’s on average / Some Top 50-150 Schools (1200-1300 total)

SchoolSAT Critical Reading & Writing Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)SAT Math Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)
University of Arizona540-650530-660
University of New Hampshire550-640540-640
University of Oregon550-650530-640
Michigan State University560-650550-660
University of Iowa560-660560-670
Temple University570-660560-660
Arizona State University570-670560-690
University of California, Davis570-670580-740
Penn State University580-660580-700
Marquette University580-660570-660
Indiana University580-670570-690
University of Colorado, Boulder580-670570-690
Drexel University580-670590-710
Texas A&M580-680590-700
University of Central Florida590-670570-670
University of Delaware590-670580-680
Purdue University590-680590-730
University of Denver590-690580-680
University of San Diego600-670590-690
University of South Carolina600-670590-690


Very Good Score: Mid-high 600’s on each, or 600’s on one, 700+ on other: Some top 50 Schools (Top 40-100 schools) (1300-1400 average score)

Mid-high 600’s on each, or 600’s on one, 700+ on other: Some top 50 Schools 

SchoolSAT Critical Reading & Writing Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)SAT Math Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)
Ohio State University590-690650-760
University of Connecticut600-690610-730
University of Washington600-700620-760
Pepperdine University610-690610-730
University of Miami620-690630-740
University of California, San Diego620-700630-770
University of California, Santa Barbara620-710610-770
University of Texas - Austin620-720610-740
University of Georgia630-700610-710
University of Wisconsin, Madison630-700670-780
Southern Methodist University630-710650-750
Brandeis University630-720650-780
University of Florida640-710640-730
Villanova University640-710660-760
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill640-720630-750
Wake Forest650-710660-760
Boston College650-720670-770
College of William and Mary660-730650-760


Great Score: Low to mid 700’s in each section for top 20-50 schools / top ranked state schools (1400-1490 score range)

~700-730 Reading ~720-740 Math 

SchoolsSAT Critical Reading & Writing Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)SAT Math Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)
Worchester Polytechnic Institute630-710670-750
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute640-720690-780
University of California, Los Angeles640-740630-780
University of California, Berkeley640-740660-790
New York University650-720660-790
Boston University650-720680-780
Case Western Reserve University650-730700-790
University of Virginia660-730670-770
University of Michigan660-730670-780
Emory University660-730690-790
University of Southern California660-740690-790
Tulane University670-730680-760
Northeastern University670-750690-790
Georgetown University680-750690-780
Tufts University680-750700-780
Cornell University680-750710-790
Georgia Tech University680-750710-790
Notre Dame690-760710-790


Awesome Score: Mid 700’s or above for top ranking ~20 schools, 1500+

~750 per section (780 in math if engineering major, MIT, Cal Tech, or Carnegie Mellon).

SchoolSAT Critical Reading & Writing Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)SAT Math Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)
Duke University680-780*710-800*
Amherst College690-760700-780
Carnegie Mellon University700-750750-800
Brown University700-760720-790
Northwestern University700-760730-790
University of Pennsylvania700-760740-800
Rice University700-760750-800
Dartmouth College700-770720-790
Stanford University700-770720-800
Princeton University710-770730-800
Harvey Mudd College720-760770-800
Yale University720-770730-790
Washington University720-770*750-800*
Massachusetts Institute of Technology720-770780-800
Harvard University720-780740-800
California Institute of Technology740-780790-800

 *2017-2018 Scores