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How I Got Into Harvard: Ivy League Admission Tips

How I Got Into Harvard

Do you want to get into Harvard? It isn't easy! SupertutorTV alumnus Stefani shared with us all about her application and acceptance to Harvard!

5 Secrets of Straight A Students: Study Hacks & Tips!! What Teachers WON'T tell you!

5 Secrets of Straight A Students

Ever wanted to know the secrets of straight-A students? They seem to do it all and have it all – sports, band, clubs, volunteering – and they manage to pull off stellar straight A's. But HOW?

ACT English Section: #1 Secret Tip

ACT English Section: #1 Secret Tip

While there's certainly more than one tip that can help you on the ACT English Section, this helpful hint I'm going to share today is the most overlooked.

How to Speed Read

“SPEED READING” sounds like a superpower. But while it may seem an unattainable myth, the concept it entails is both practical […]

Welcome To SupertutorTV

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