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Celebrity SAT Scores

Think you can score higher on the SAT than Bill Clinton? Or pop star Kesha? Or even NFL quarterback Ryan […]

Top 3 Mistakes On The SAT Math Section

SAT Math: Top 3 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Unless you’ve received a perfect score on every test you’ve ever taken, you can probably recall at least one time that you made a careless mistake on a relatively simple problem. Try to avoid these three common pitfalls on the SAT math section!

Junior Year Checklist: College Admissions Tips

Junior Year Checklist: College Admission Tips

Your junior year of high school is one of the most important times in getting ready to head off to college. I'm giving all you juniors out there a ten-step checklist to whip your applications into shape and leave those admissions committees speechless!

How I Got Into Berkeley: TRANSFER Admission Tips

How I Got Into Berkeley: TRANSFER Admission Tips

Do YOU want to get into UC Berkeley? Or are you a transfer student wondering how that process works? Sit down with one of our former employees, Jenny, as she tells you about her experience transferring from community college to UC Berkeley!!

How to Cancel an SAT Score

Trying to cancel one of your SAT scores? In this post, I'll cover the necessary steps to cancel an SAT score you don't feel too confident about.

When to Take the SAT

Wondering when to take the SAT? March? May? August? Here's some upcoming dates for the SAT, which will be a good foundation to begin your prep journey!

What's a Good SAT Score?? Tips from a PERFECT SCORING tutor!

What’s a Good SAT Score?

Seriously though, what IS a good test score? Let's go through some ranges of SAT scores that would be considered "good" for the college you want to go to.

Does the SAT or ACT matter?

Does the SAT (or ACT) Matter?

Are you wondering whether the SAT (or ACT) really matters? Do you need the test to get into college? Does the test actually predict success in college?