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How to Cancel an SAT Score

Trying to cancel one of your SAT scores? In this post, I'll cover the necessary steps to cancel an SAT score you don't feel too confident about.

What's a Good SAT Score?? Tips from a PERFECT SCORING tutor!

What’s a Good SAT Score?

Seriously though, what IS a good test score? Let's go through some ranges of SAT scores that would be considered "good" for the college you want to go to.

How to Cheat on the SAT: 5 Ways People Have (and FAILED)

How to Cheat on the SAT: 5 Ways People Have

Disclaimer: SupertutorTV does not endorse or condone cheating. Many of the methods about to be discussed involve breaking local and/or Federal laws and may result in criminal prosecution. Do not attempt.

5 Tips for the new SAT reading section

5 Tips for the New SAT Reading Section

Looking for tips, tricks, and strategies for the SAT reading comprehension section? Having trouble with the SAT reading test? Below I go over 5 essential tips to help you get through it effectively and efficiently.

The ACT vs The New SAT: What are the similarities and differences between these two college entrance exams?

New SAT vs ACT Percentiles

Curious about the relationship between the New SAT, ACT, and the corresponding percentiles? Look no further, because we at Supertutor TV have compiled the ultimate concordance table!