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Your English Teacher Lied to You!

Your English Teacher Lied to You!

Yes, your teachers in elementary school lied to you. These 3 incorrect grammar rules have been holding back your writing skills, and I'm here to tell you why.

Celebrity Grammar with Kanye West: Pronoun Agreement

Pronoun Agreement Errors! Celebrity Grammar with Kanye West

Pronoun agreement can be a tricky point of grammar. If you're wondering how to make your pronouns agree with your favorite antecedents, look no further. In this edition of Celebrity Grammar, we explore pronoun agreement errors in the words of Kanye West!

Celebrity Grammar with Katy Perry: Comma Splice Errors

Comma Splice Errors! Celebrity Grammar with Katy Perry

Welcome to the first installment of Celebrity Grammar, where you learn how to have better grammar than your favorite celebrities. Rock the SAT test and ACT test English grammar sections with a quick lesson on comma splice as we break down a grammar mishap on Katy Perry's Twitter.