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What’s a Good AP Score?

Are you taking an AP class this upcoming school year, or are you planning to take one in the future? Wondering […]

Your English Teacher Lied to You!

Your English Teacher Lied to You!

Yes, your teachers in elementary school lied to you. These 3 incorrect grammar rules have been holding back your writing skills, and I'm here to tell you why.

When to Start Common Apps

Wondering when to start working on those Common Apps? In this post, I’ll be going through some tips on when […]

Does the SAT or ACT matter?

Does the SAT (or ACT) Matter?

Are you wondering whether the SAT (or ACT) really matters? Do you need the test to get into college? Does the test actually predict success in college?

The Best High School in Los Angeles

Wondering what the best high school in Los Angeles is? Below is a list of the top ten high schools located in Los Angeles, from the 310 to the 818!

How To Study and Have a Life: Tips on Finding Balance Between Work and Play

How to Study and Have a Life

How do top students play and study? Is it possible to excel academically and still have a social life? If these are questions you want answers to, here's my take.