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The data in the charts below come from what is available in the common data set, a voluntary list of information that most colleges and universities in the U.S. provide that explains the data from their most recently admitted freshman class. We’ve calculated the average composite score by taking the 25th percentiles and 75th percentiles and averaging them. Additionally, we’ve reported the 25th-75th percentiles to highlight the center 50 percent, score-wise, of all the students that they admitted to their college. We’ve also reported the math and English scores in our tables but the science and reading scores are not given in the common data sets.

Average Score: (19-22 Average Score) 

In the 2018-2019 school year, ACT.org has reported that the 51st percentile on the ACT® is now a 20. That doesn’t mean if you score below a 20 that you can’t go to college at all. For schools that are requiring you submit an ACT® score, a 17 is usually the lowest they’ll really consider. The NCAA Clearinghouse’s “low-end” is a 17 in every section, a score you must absolutely have if you want to be an NCAA athlete. Schools in this range are regional colleges and local state universities.

SchoolACT Average Composite ScoreACT Composite Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)ACT English Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)ACT Math Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)
California State University, Northridge19.517-22
Indiana State University19.516-2315-2316-23
Lewis Clark State College19.517-2216-2215-23
New Mexico State2017-2317.5-2518-25
Colorado Mesa University2118-2417.25-2417-24
Old Dominion University2118-2417-2417-25
Sam Houston State University2119-2319-2617-23
Cal State University, Fullerton21.519-2418-2418-25
University of New Mexico2219-2517.5-2518-25
Ball State University2220-2419-2418-24


Good Score: (23-26 Average Score)

A ‘Good’ ACT® score is a score that is going to get you into more recognizable state universities. An important thing to remember is that we’re looking at the average scores, meaning universities have admitted students with scores higher and lower in the past. Another thing to note is the range in the average scores and how it may shrink as you start looking at more competitive universities. A higher score, particularly in this range of scores, can give you more opportunity when it comes to honors programs or scholarships.

SchoolACT Average Composite ScoreACT Composite Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)ACT English Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)ACT Math Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)
Georgia State University2320-2620-2619-26
Texas State University2320-2619-2518-24
University of Toledo2320-2619-2519-27
Central Michigan University23.520-2719-2618-26
Wichita State University2320-2620-2619-26
North Dakota State University2421-2720-2521-27
University of Massachusetts - Boston2421-2720-3020-26
West Virginia University2421-2720-2619-26
University of Arizona24.521-2820-2720-27
University of West Florida24.522-2721-2720-26
Iowa State University2521.86-28.221.08-28.1421.61-28.18
Louisiana Tech University2522-2822-2821-26
University of Mississippi25.522-2922-3121-27
University of Kansas25.823-2922-3022-28
Michigan State University2623-2923-3023-28
University of Kentucky2623-2923-3122-28


Very Good Score: (27-29 Average Score)

In the ‘Very Good’ score range, you will begin to qualify for some scholarships for some schools that might be in the lower tiers. Some more of the big name universities will begin to appear in this range.

SchoolACT Average Composite ScoreACT Composite Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)ACT English Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)ACT Math Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)
Temple University2724-3023-3223-28
Marquette University2724-3024-3124-28
Syracuse University27*25-30*
University of Central Florida2725-2924-3022-27
Drexel University27.525-3024-3224-30
Indiana University27.524-3124-3324-30
Penn State University27.525-3025-3325-30
University of Colorado, Boulder27.525-3024-3224-29
University of Delaware27.525-3024-3224-29
Texas A&M University2825-3124-3224-30
Rutgers University - New Brunswick2825-3124-3425-32
University of California, Davis2825-31
Purdue University28.525-3224-3326-32
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities28.5*26-31*25-32*26-31*
University of Denver28.526-3125-3324-29
University of California. Santa Barbara2926-3225-3425-32
Baylor University2926-3125-3424-29
University of Connecticut2926-3125-3426-31
Ohio State University29.527-3227-3226-34
Pepperdine University29.526-3226-3426-30


Great Score: (30-32 Average Score)

Inevitably, this is where the shift is coming. There are schools on this list that weren’t on this list a couple of years ago because there is this upwards trend at a lot of these universities in terms of where their scores are landing. Be mindful as we start to get into these more of these competitive colleges that the average score listed may not be enough for specific majors or programs within the universities.

SchoolACT Average Composite ScoreACT Composite Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)ACT English Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)ACT Math Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)
Bucknell College3028-3229-3427-31
Clemson University3027-3227-3426-30
Rutgers-New Brunswick (Arts/Sciences)3027-33
Fordham University3028-3226-3426-30
University of Illinois3027-33
University of Florida3027-3226-3026-34
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill3027-3326-3426-31
University of Texas - Austin3027-3326-3526-32
University of Washington, Seattle3027-3226-3426-33
University of Wisconsin, Madison3027-3227-3426-31
University of Miami30.529-3229-3526-31
Brandeis University3129-3330-3528-33
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute3129-33
Southern Methodist University3129-3329-3527-31
University of California, Berkeley3128-3428-3527-35
University of California, Los Angeles3128-3429-3527-34
University of Maryland3128-3329-3527-33
College of William and Mary31.530-3331-3527-32
Boston University31.530-3331-3527-33
New York University31.529-34
Villanova University31.530-3330-3527-32
Case Western Reserve University3230-3431-3529-34
University of Rochester31.5*30-33*
Lehigh University3230-34
Tulane University3231-33
University of Michigan3230-3431-3528-34
University of Southern California3230-3432-3528-34
Rutgers-New Brunswick (Engineering)3230-34
University of Virginia3230-3431-3528-34
Amherst College32.531-3433-3529-34
Colgate University32.531-3432-3528-32
Claremont McKenna College32.531-3432-3528-33
Emory University32.531-34
Georgetown University32.531-3428-3433-35
Georgia Tech University32.531-34
Tufts University32.531-34


Awesome Score: (33-35 Average Score)

This tier includes top-10 schools along with some top-20 schools, indicating that test scores are really valued at those universities. At these top-20 schools, you may get away with having little extra-circulars or a not as high GPA if your tests scores are really high. The interesting thing to note here is that schools that are ranked higher and have low admission rates don’t necessarily have a higher test requirement, demonstrating that they take other factors into consideration when admitting students.

SchoolACT Average Composite ScoreACT Composite Scores (25th-75th Percentile)ACT English Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)ACT Math Scores (25th-75th Percentiles)
Boston College33
Cornell University3332-34
Dartmouth College3331-35
Duke University3331-35*32-35*30-35*
Northeastern University3332-3429-3433-35
Princeton University33.532-3534-3630-35
Stanford University33.532-3534-3630-35
University of Illinois (Engineering)33.532-35
University of Pennsylvania33.532-3534-3630-35
Washington University in St. Louis33.532-3534-3630-34
Williams College33.532-35
Carnegie Mellon University3433-3533-3532-35
Brown University3433-3534-3630-35
Harvard University3433-3534-3631-35
Johns Hopkins University3433-35
Northwestern University3433-35
Rice University3433-3534-3631-35
University of Notre Dame3433-35
Vanderbilt University3433-3534-3530-35
Yale University3433-35
Harvey Mudd College34.534-3534-3634-35
Massachusetts Institute of Technology3534-3634-3634-36
California Institute of Technology3534-3635-3635-36

(*) – 2017-2018 Information