Are you taking the ACT® soon and are wondering how you can cram in all the knowledge possible so that you’re ready for the ACT® science section? In this blog, we’ll go over some topics you need to go over when cramming for the ACT® science section and include our very own cheat sheet.

As some of you might know, the science section of the ACT® is mostly a test of process. Most of the time, you’re not required to know a ton of outside information in order to get the questions right but there’s one type of question that appears at least once or three times called the Outside Information Question, where you will need to know a little bit of information like basics and terminology. We will focus on those types of questions in this blog. Below are some topics to look out for, highlighted by Brooke, and followed will be the ACT® cheat sheet.

Environmental Science, Ecology, and Geology

Atmosphere and Gasses

– Layers of the Atmosphere

– Greenhouse gasses, acid rain, global warming


– Order of the Planets

– Gas giants/rocky plants

– Stars and meteors


-Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Consumers


– Layers of Earth

-Weathering & Erosion

General Information

Scientific Method and Process

– Sample Experiment, Control & Experimental Variables, Control & Experimental Groups


General Concepts

– Distance/Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration, Law of Conversation of Mass


– Potential, Kinetic & Mechanical Energy


-Conduction, Convection, & Radiation

Circuits and Electricity

– Horizontal lines = Battery, Squiggly lines = Resistors, Basic Straight Lines = Wires in circuit

– Electric charges can be positive/negative, opposites attract and negatives repel


– Amplitude, Period & Frequency


-How to balance a chemical equation

– Reagents & Products

– Chain Reactions


– Freezing Point (0 C) & Boiling Point (100 C)


– Solute, Solvent & Aqueous

Acids and Bases

– pH levels & acidity (7 neutral substance)



– Genotype/Phenotype, Dominant & Recessive Alleles, Heterozygous/Homozygous

– Punnet Squares

– Chromosomes, chromatid


Cellular Biology

– Cellular Respiration & Photosynthesis

– Parts of a Cell, Cellular Division

ACT® Science Outside Information Cheat Sheet