While there are several ways to improve your score on the ACT science section, the one I find most helpful for my students is:


In other words, don’t read the passages, the charts, or the graphs first.  Now, I am not saying that you will never have to read the passages in the science section, but looking at the questions first and going back to the passages and data only when you need them will help you in two ways:

1. You’re not wasting time reading dense information that is both distracting and difficult to understand.

2. Reading the passage after you’ve read a question allows you to focus in on the necessary information.  This is a scavenger hunt that requires attention to detail– and there is no way to remember all the details on first read.

Of course some questions will leave you puzzled, even after browsing the charts and graphs– at which point you will have to go back and look at a particular paragraph or for a specific word. However, the take away here is to only refer to the passage after you know you need it, otherwise you will likely be wasting your time.

That’s it! Hope this tip helps. Happy studying!

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