Forbes List – Top Colleges

It’s that time of year again: Forbes Magazine’s list of “America’s Top Colleges” for 2015 has hit the Internet. California’s Pomona College takes the cake at number one, a surprising advance from last year’s place at #9. Pomona, located in Claremont, focuses on liberal arts education for its small student body of less than 2,000. A record 8,091 applicants applied for the class of 2019 and a record 790 students were admitted – the lowest acceptance rate in Pomona’s history. Pomona edges Williams College, last year’s #1, backward into #2. The trinity of Stanford, Princeton, and Yale complete the top five. Brown snuck into #8, having not been in the top ten last year, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology steps back five more spots to stop at #10.

Though students tend to be more familiar with the US News Report, few know about the Forbes “Top Colleges” List. US News Report and Forbes use different methodologies for college rankings, and so the schools that make it to the top ten on each list vary. The US News Report considers such things as difficulty of admission, undergraduate degrees, and grants. Forbes, on the other hand, takes graduate outcomes into account rather than inbound statistics. Forbes puts more focus on post-graduate success, student satisfaction, and student debt while compiling its top list.

Check it out! Where do your prospective colleges rank?

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